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Malcolm Silvester

Vice Chairman 


Thank you to all those residents who provided information to us about the state of Hallow roads, speeding and public rights of way paths around the parish.  We discussed these matters in early January with our County Cllr Mr Scott Richardson-Brown who undertook to:


Pursue public rights of way path clearance with the WCC team.


Provide some financial assistance to the parish council to implement some speeding mitigation measures.


Arrange for WCC to collect data on speeding through the village in order to provide a factual, evidence led approach to speed mitigation and possible enforcement in the future.


Arrange for pavement and road inspections, and where possible repairs based on the reports given to the PC by residents.



We know that this is a significant concern for residents and has been an issue in Hallow for a good many years.  There are sadly limits on what can be done, both legally, and in terms of costs that the PC can bear, and what Worcester County Council can do.  In brief, the approach is evidence led and risk-led, and speeding mitigations have to be justified against the volume of accidents and the injuries and fatalities that arise from them.  Whilst we all perceive speeding as a problem, and with the exception of the recent accident on the Green, we are thankfully free of major accidents and harm to residents or drivers.  We are exploring updating the VAS mobile speed system to an enhanced model, these can signal speeds to drivers, smiley faces etc, and you will have seen them in use round about the county.  They are known to have a reasonable degree of impact.  Suggestions have been made about “White Gates” at the entrances of the village, but we are advised that they have limited and at times no impact on speed reduction.  We have to be guided about what is likely to have the most impact for the cost. 

Our clerk will pursue with Mr Richardson-Brown the feedback/complaints received thus far.  Just be aware that time lines can be longer than we might like, and there is a back log.  If you wish to report a pothole or road issues, or a pavement issue you can do so online at:


A number of issues relating to overgrowth, hedge encroachment and stiles were reported, and these will be processed by the relevant WCC team.  Again, patience will be required as there is a back log.  Where we can action work via the Parish Council we will do so.

Thank you for informing us of these issues.
Hazel Kemshall, HPC Chair.  



The Parish Council does NOT support the District Councillor’s decision to place equipment on the development.  We know that residents are concerned about noise, nuisance, litter, and potential dog fouling.


The Parish Council, based on experience of other play/recreational areas across the village recognise these concerns.  The Parish Council has not received any compelling evidence on:

  • The potential number of end users and beneficiaries.

  • Any comprehensive consultation with children and young people about what they actually want and where they want it.

  • Any comprehensive consultation with villagers.

It should be noted that in order to access S106 grant funds from Malvern Hills District Council in order to make parish improvements the PC MUST provide evidence of consultation, benefits, and expected number of end users.  It is therefore disappointing that similar standards do not appear to apply to District Councillor decisions.  The Parish Council has sought to discuss this issue and to present our, and residents views, at the PC meeting in November and in two emails.  The emails, answers, and audio/transcription of the PC meeting are available on request.  
Any equipment will NOT be the responsibility of the Parish Council.  Future health and safety inspections, repairs and maintenance will be the responsibility of the development’s management company, and costs will fall on future residents of the estate.  This is the same arrangement as for Pinchfield and Banks Close.


This application has received planning consent.

The Decision Notice can be found here...

The Section 106 agreement can be found here...

This Section 106 agreement states how much money will come to the parish for local improvements, and also indicates how much money is coming to Hallow School.

If you have any concerns about, or issues arising from, the progress of the build, site issues or concerns with builders on site

Please contact your District Councillor Dean Clarke.
1 Parkfield Cottages, Parkfield Lane, Hallow, Worcester WR2 6PH

Tel: 01905 640850 Mobile:  07907883666

Hallow Parish Council
February 23rd 2022.


Developer Funding



Hallow Parish Council wants to hear ideas from residents with proposals for suitable projects. This will enable the funds secured from housing development projects in the village, which are held by Malvern Hills DC, or Hallow Parish Council, to be utilised for the benefit of the village of Hallow. 

Download PDF with information here.

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