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Meet Our Councillor's

Each year, Councillors decide who among them will take each of the responsibilities vested in them as group for things which go on in the village through the year or which require representation from the Parish Council. They hold an Annual Meeting in May each year at which their individual responsibilities for the coming year are set.

At most meetings they are joined by our District Councillor Dean Clarke and by our County Councillor Phil Grove.

Members of the public are invited to all meetings and the Agenda for each of the is publish on the Notice Boards around five days before each meeting.

There are currently (June 2019) SEVEN Vacancies on the Parish Council. If you would like to find out more about joining us, our contact details are shown above. You can also contact the Clerk to Hallow Parish Council (Mrs Anne Stark) by email or telephone.

Tel: 0793395961

Hazel Kemshall.jpg

Hazel Kemshall- Chairman

Hazel lives at the northern end of the Village. 
She is the Lead for Hallow Neighbourhood Development Plan and chairs the Steering Group which is putting it together.
Hazel also looks after the Parish Council’s interests in relation to the Old Churchyard


Home: 01905 641632  ​

Lorna Marson (2).jpg

Lorna Marson


Lorna lives in the centre of the village and represents the Parish Council on the Parish Hall Management Committee. Lorna serves on the Staffing Committee of the parish council.

James Rose (2).jpg

James Rose


James also lives at the northern end of the village. He has the responsibility for issues north of Broadheath Lane. As a keen gardener James also takes responsibility for the Allotments.

Jason Walker.jpg

Jason Walker


Jason lives at the North end of the village and has a particular interest in environmental issues. Holding an MSc in Environment management and over 10 years experience in public engagement and environmental regulation.

Malcolm Silvester (2).jpg

Malcolm Silvester

Vice Chairman 

Malcolm lives at the southern end of the village and is in a position to keep an eye on the Playing Field.

Email: Malcolm (Wychbury Engineering) 


Lynne Ambury


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