Hallow Parish Council Finance Documentation

Listing of Payments for over £100

June 14th 2022

19 Confirmation of the dates of the period for the excersise of public rights 2021-22

June 14th 2022

20 Bank Reconciliation Proforma

June 14th 2022

21-Explanation of Variances 2021-22

June 14th 2022

Contact Details

June 14th 2022


May 16th 2022

Chair's Annual Report

May 23rd 2022

CIL & S106 

as at 23rd May 2022

External Auditor Report & Certificate 2020/21

Audit Report

HPC Annual Governance Statement 2020/21

HPC Annual Governance Statement

Registration Certificate

Registration Certificate

Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR)

AGAR Report

HPC Cooption Procedure

Policy Document

HPC Annual Governance Statement Redacted

HPC Annual Governance Statement Redacted

Statement of Reserves

Statement of Reserves as of January 31st 2021

End of Year Accounts
2020 - 2021

Audit 2020_2021_Hallow PC_Annual Internal Report_Sig redacted

Audit 2020_2021_Hallow PC_Assets register

Audit 2020_2021_Hallow PC_Bank Recon FINAL

Audit 2020_2021_Hallow PC_Explanation of Variances

Audit 2020_2021_Hallow PC_List of Reserves

Audit 2020_2021_Hallow PC_Payments_£100 and over

Audit 2020_2021_Hallow PC_Section 1 Annual Governance Statement

Audit 2020_2021_Hallow PC_Section 2 Accounting Statements

Audit 2020_2021_Hallow PC_Summary of Receipts

Notice of provision for the exercise of public rights 2020_21