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Walk 2

North-East Hallow

 2.2 miles (stiles)

A walk from the village Post Office, North East of Hallow.

The paths can get muddy and are uneven in places.

Not suitable for a pushchair.

Points of interest include the ancient oaks, coppiced woodland, gravel pits full of wild birds and fishing ponds.


Good viewpoint looking north-east along the Severn Valley towards the Clent Hills.

Parking – on the road at Oakleigh Heath near Post Office.

Refreshments – The Crown Inn and (soon) No 1 Brownes Way café

Route Map

Points of Interest.jpg



From the Post Office, follow Moseley Road north-west towards Monkwood and Sinton Green.
After 300m you pass Heath Farm with its pond on the right of the road. Take the footpath angled right from the road Point 1 on the Map, across the farmtrack and into the field through the metal gate.

Cross the field on a diagonal path to the stile by a metal gate.

Follow the path with the hedgerow on your right to the top of a slight rise. At the meeting point of several paths, take the right hand path through a gate and cross a big field with a line of trees and Thorngrove House on your left. At the top north-east corner of the field, go through a new metal gate and carefully cross the main road. Point 2 on the Map.

Turn left on the pavement and then right on the footpath 50m up the road. Cross the field with houses to your left. Turn left at the corner of the field as it enters the edge of Tinkers Coppice Wood. After 100m, the path drops down the hill to the right to the edge of the wood. Take care as the path can be slippery in the wet. Go through the kissing gate and follow the path downhill to the hedge bordering the gravel pits. Turn right through the gate and follow the path across the field with a hedgerow to your left.

At the far side of the field, the path enters some woodland through a small gate. Point 3 on the Map. Follow the path through the wood with a fishing pond on your right. Take the path to your right through a gap in the hedge between the two fishing ponds and head for a metal gate uphill at Point 4 on the Map. Take care to avoid the barbed wire on the fence to your left as you head uphill past barns at the back of Greenhill Farm.

Follow the path in the same westerly direction as it crosses fields and scrubland to the side of the houses by Heath Close back to the main road. Some of the old stiles have been bypassed by gaps in the hedgerows. Turn left along the main road to return to the starting point at the Post Office.

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1 mile (Worcestershire County Council walk)

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